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Welcome to my Shoppe!

This is my shoppe that is located in Greenbrier, TN
We moved to this location in 2004
I was unable to have the shop open during the past year
because of taking care of my Mother during the last year of her life,
but soon I will be there again.
I LOVE my customers!
Many have become my friends!

Bright, Fun Colors...

I LOVE COLORS...I like painting butterflies, daisies, lady bugs, frogs...Did you know that EVERY room in your house should have at least ONE touch of whimsy?

Pineapples, Bunnies and Hearts...

Just one of the MANY corners of my world. Jam-packed with a few of my favorite things...

Welcome into my shoppe!

Brightly colored gifts welcome all who enter...
Notice Mr. Santa painted on the antique ironing board.

Just a couple of tea pots & cups...

Some of the very few items that I did not paint...


The Front Corner of my shoppe

Proud American items and Birds...

Summer has arrived in the Brier

Notice my painted window!
I have sold so many windows....
Frogs are still one of my favorite things to paint

These chicks NEED to fly the coop

I had a customer who had so many chickens in her house,
her husband would warn any workers who entered.
One man walked into her house, stopped, gazed for a few moments,
and then said, "well, cock-a-doodle-d*#@".
Never see a chicken without thinking about that story! Too funny.
I have great customers.

Front Window of my Shoppe

I've tried again to start thinking about the men in our lives....


Back Fence Friends are Best! =)

So full of whimsical items
LOVE the window with a few of my favorite things

Found 15 items, showing 1 to 10.    Last 5 Matches  


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