This is a dream come true! The logo above symbolizes who I am. The tree represents my strong heritage. On it is carved my parent's initials. They gave me a strong foundation and a good name. Always when I went out the door on a date, Mother would say, "remember who you are." The five daisies stand for my family. I have two older brothers. Being raised on a dairy farm, we gathered around the table each night at 6:30 for supper-it wasn't an option-and shared our lives and laughed. How I miss those days. The scripture under the tree represents what we were taught and what my parents lived. Though not perfect, my parents lived what they taught us. Their love runs through every stroke of my brush.

Kick back and take a look at what I have created-just for you. Many of the items will be one of a kind, so grab them while you can. Several items can be special ordered, often adding custom details. All items are handpainted, so no two will ever be just alike. I use the best quality wood that I can find, but knots and cracks are natural. I do my best to avoid these imperfections, but I cannot always do so. While many of my newer items are my designs, I have about four artists that I like, so I add my own unique style and proudly offer them for sale! I paint lots of large items that I cannot figure out how to ship, but when I do, I will add them for you to see! As time goes on, I will be including more patterns that I have personally created.

I am proud to develop the gifts that God has given me. I love sharing these gifts. I will do my best to continue to treat my customers fairly and to offer quality products that hopefully will bring a smile to your face. Thank you for your support of my talents. If ever you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help you in any way I can.
Welcome to my world...

Painting Ezine ~ Online Magazine for Decorative Painters

I have been so blessed to have a friend who is now available to cut wood from many of my patterns.
The Woodshop in WV website: www.thewoodshopinwv.com
She also cuts for several other designers! Be sure to visit her website for ALL of your wood cutting needs
She is an ABSOLUTE JOY to know!

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