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I am so excited! I've wanted a website for a long time and now this dream is coming true.

I live in Springfield, Tennessee in the same house my Father lived from the time he was 22 months old until his death at 80. We had a dairy farm as our main source of income. What a life! Hard work, little pay, but oh, the joys of riding on a tractor in the open air, observing God's great creations.

Mother and Daddy married in 1951 and immediately started a family. During the early years, Mother named our farm, "Roma Land". The first two letters come from Daddy's name, Robert, with the last two letters being Mother's name, Martha. Years later, when my oldest brother bought half of the farm, we became "Roma Land Farms" and then "Roma Land Woodcrafts" was started by this same brother, who later, with his wife, opened "Roma Land Florist". Daddy said he was going to incorporate and start charging us. What a man my Daddy was.

I was an English major at Bethel College (University) and thought I was going to make my career being a Christian Education/Music Director. It was during the 80's that the folk art craze was in full swing. While working in Russellville, AR, I came home one weekend to attend the Nashville Flea Market. I decided I could paint some of that 'stuff' and Daddy decided he could cut out some of that 'stuff', so he sent me back to Arkansas with a bag of lop-sided hearts and some small houses. I was hooked!

After 21 months of working at the church, I begged to come home. I was too young to deal with all of the turmoil that I was facing. My parents were at my doorstep with a u-haul within the week and welcomed me home with comforting hugs. While looking for a job, I participated in my first craft show. I was told that variety was the key to success. Boy, have I ever taken that piece of advice to heart. After months of searching for a job while still giving the illusion of being productive with my painting, I finally landed a job that began the exact day after my craft show was over! Ain't God Good!

While working at Vanderbilt in the textbook department, I felt that I had let God down by not doing the work that I thought he had called me to do, yet still, I happily went on painting and participating in Craft shows. One day we had a craft show at Fall Creek Falls. A lady came and thanked me for the witness I was being through my painting and told me what a great ministry I had because most all of my Fall merchandise had a message. finally hit me, I was doing what God wanted me to do. I was reaching people that I might not have a chance to reach otherwise, and so I found a peace that had eluded me for several years.

We opened a shop in Greenbrier in 2000. When my Daddy died in 2003, I was ready to quit, but because of my precious landlady, 'Miss' Evelyn, I hung in there. In March of 2012, the day I got the passwords to start entering data onto my website, Mother went home to be with her family. I miss my parents, but I am such a blessed little girl! Because of them, I have a chance to chase another dream.

My favorite word is "giggle". It makes me smile just to hear it. That's my goal in painting--to make people smile. Most all of my characters are painted with happy faces. In the bumpy, messy moments of life, we need to stop and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us and breathe in the magical wonder of God's great gifts to us! I hope someone will be blessed because of the talents God has given me. Thanks for being interested in my work! Blessings to you...



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