I hope you enjoy your visit.
I plan to use this space to introduce new items
Check back at least once a week....
YOU NEVER KNOW what inspiration will happen in my world.

If you have ANY Questions, please e-mail me or message me on facebook.
Join my facebook page to get specials, reminders,
and who knows what else--maybe recipes!!

We are working on improving shipping charges.
Really, the only problem is with the items under 1 pound.
I will GLADLY issue a credit when you are overcharged.
IF you wish to be invoiced, please email me,
and I will send you instructions on how to do it.

More Pattern packets will soon be added just as soon
as I can get them transferred
to the right kind of paper and get them to the printer.

Please be patient with me...I'm working out the kinks...
Blessings to YOU...
$ 0.00

Click on Picture for Larger Picture
If you want a larger picture, just click on the picture
and it will show you a slightly larger picture.
I KNOW some of the pictures are not very good...
I'm learning...I'm getting better.
I just do NOT have a good place to take pictures
that doesn't glare or is light enough...
Hang in there with me, please.
$ 0.00

Currently Out of Stock
When you see this message, that means the item has been sold!
If it was a 'One of kind', then it is gone!
SOMETIMES, something similar can be painted.
Feel free to contact me.
If this message appears and says, "special orders welcomed",
then contact me, and we will get it ordered for you!
$ 0.00

of Stock

Peary Sheep Tea Light
I LOVE this tea light
Available under Pineapples
The pattern will be ready by the end of April
$ 15.00

I've added 20 new patterns during the month of March
I LOVE them and I hope you will TOO!!
Feel free to email me with any suggestions or if you do NOT cut wood
depending on the size of the pattern and the time I have
I might be able to cut the surface for you!
$ 7.50

of Stock

Kitty Kat Pencil Holder
I LOVE cute things....
Happy things that make ME smile
This is available under ~critters~cats
The pattern should be avaialbale by the end of April
$ 15.00

I am SO PROUD of the new fan blade patterns that I have designed!! You can find two of them under FALL PATTERNS, the cat under SPRING PATTERNS and the SNOWMEN under WINTER PATTERNS...NOBODY ELSE WILL HAVE THESE AT YOUR CRAFT SHOWS!! NEW AND FRESH!! check them out...
$ 7.50


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